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Everest Group Names ADP a Global Leader and Star Performer

Everest Group, a leading analyst firm, has named ADP a Leader and Star Performer in its most recent ranking of multi-process human resources outsourcing providers. In its report, Everest cites adoption of ADP’s expanding portfolio and global solutions as key market strengths.

The report, published in late 2015, cites a market-leading number of new deals, expanded service delivery with new Centers of Excellence, the ADP Mobile Solutions application, and ADP DataCloud as among the company’s notable solutions.

“ADP continues to excel with the global solutions it provides to the multi-process human resources outsourcing market,” said Arkadev Basak, practice director at Everest Group. “In addition to expanding its capabilities in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, ADP has bolstered its mobility capabilities with the ADP Mobile App and has set a benchmark in HR analytics with ADP DataCloud. Other initiatives, such as the launch of ADP GlobalView HCM, the launch of ADP Marketplace, and the company’s comprehensive approach to ACA compliance illustrate its continued commitment to providing an enriched scope of solutions to its global clients.”

Everest Group has prepared an excerpt report based on its findings.

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