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Partnerships of Super Hero Proportions at HR Tech

Batman and Robin.

Scooby and Shaggy.

Separately, they are best in class. Together, they are unstoppable. It’s unlikely that you think of super heroes when you think of HCM solutions. But we believe that when two winning solutions team up, everyone wins. This is the concept behind our latest innovation – ADP Marketplace.

It is here where we team up with the Batman’s and Scooby’s of the HCM world to help make our clients in HR management heroes within their organizations while still having the time to be home for dinner.

A secure, cloud-based ecosystem, ADP Marketplace is home to more than 82 apps and counting, designed specifically to help HR managers foster their people from hire to retire. But the real superpower comes when these apps are integrated with our clients’ ADP data, and HR managers can easily handle administrative tasks and have a more strategic seat at the table when decisions are made.

Here is a list of some of the industry’s leading companies with apps in ADP Marketplace:

  • The ADP/Globoforce partnership allows the secure and efficient sharing of data between the two platforms, which promotes the fast adoption and launch of social recognition programs.
  • LifeMart connects to ADP making it easy for clients to provide their employees with a members-only discount shopping website.
  •  Business Cards by LogoMix pulls employee data directly from ADP to create your clients’ business cards in minutes.
  • GetHired and Cornerstone simplify the hiring process with data that flows directly into the ADP solution for new hires.
  • Concur synchronizes workforce employees across Concur Expense Management and ADP solutions.

ADP Marketplace is a force against potential security breaches, inaccurate data, and extra overhead costs, with simplicity at the center. Just as Batman protects Gotham City and Shaggy solves crimes, each ADP Marketplace app specializes in one area of expertise whether it’s recognition, learning or recruitment. This way, clients have the freedom and flexibility to select the solutions they need for their company. And just as the Batmobile is to Batman, when data is prepopulated in each app, it gets even faster, even better.

For more, check out these videos with Globoforce and LifeCare:

You can learn more at  And if you’re planning to attend HR Tech, join us in booth #1732, as ADP Marketplace celebrates its first year anniversary and the superhero power of great partnerships. Wear your cape!


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