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Secrets of Success for Working Mothers

This week, ADP was named by Working Mother as one of the 2015 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers. So, we spoke with some of ADP associates who are also moms to find out how they manage the demands of work and motherhood.

While Working Mother identifies progressive workplace programs, including advancement of women, flexibility, child care, and paid parental leave, as important to supporting working mom talent, we wanted to hear from the real experts, the moms who achieve successes in the office and home each day.

“I believe in work life integration. Blending my professional life with my personal life allows me to manage both responsibilities. ADP has been great in providing me the flexibility to make this happen. I have been lucky to be supported by wonderful colleagues and leadership.”

Ahu Yildirmaz, Vice President and Head of the ADP Research Institute

“Being a full-time working mom is not always easy and definitely requires a lot of balancing and juggling to handle the day-to-day and the unexpected curveballs that come your way.  But, I have found that working at ADP the last 5 years has made it so easy to do!  Most important is having a manager who understands the challenges and provides the flexibility to enable me to not only get my job done, but also enjoy all aspects of my children’s lives. In order to make this work, it is important to have open lines of communication and the understanding that the traditional 9-5 does not always apply – it is working the job, not the clock.”

Julie Arzonico, Senior Director, ADP Corporate Market Insights

“Recognize there are no secrets. Be in the moment and do your best. Be realistic at work and home.  Know what is beyond your control.  Be kind to your family, colleagues, clients and most of all yourself.  Have confidence in and don’t second-guess your choices.  Laugh often and be grateful always”. 

Ellen A. Feeney, Vice President, Counsel, Health Care Reform Compliance

“One of the challenges of being a working mother of three children is staying involved in school activities. Research has proven that kids do better in school when their parents are involved.  What has worked for me is to volunteer for programs that require administrative or scheduling skills. Surprisingly you can be Class Mom and never have to go to the class room by coordinating teams to assist you and are totally connected to the programs!”

Kelly Welch, Sr. Director Brand & Advertising, Corporate Marketing

“It isn’t always easy being a working mom. The best way to succeed is to have a great community to support you. Of course, family is one source. But work is another. And I have been really lucky at ADP where I have flexible hours, access to discounted child care and other fun activities, as well as an awesome manager! My time with my 3-year-old son is precious, and I appreciate that my company respects that!”

Reem Abeidoh, Senior Director of Product Marketing, ADP Marketplace

As someone who had always put career first, becoming a mother of two and finding a balance was a challenge. Following these key things has helped: 1) Believe in quality over quantity. 2) Know when to ask for help 3) And have no guilt – believe you are doing your best! What truly helps is that ADP has created a culture where I don’t actually feel like a “working mother.” I am treated as someone who is valuable. And regardless of my personal commitments, whether I have children or not, ADP knows that work-life balance for its Associates is important.”

Eslin Eckert, Director, Client Experience

hr working mother

Kathy Ross, ADP’s 2015 Working Mother of the Year.

In conjunction with the Working Mother recognition, ADP named Kathy Ross as the company’s 2015 Working Mother of the Year. Kathy is Division Vice President/General Manager for ADP’s National Account Services based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her 20-year ADP career has spanned eight positions in four divisions and three corporate relocations. Kathy’s insights:

“The keys are planning, organization, communication, and an employer that encourages an active life beyond the job.”

“One of ADP’s core values is creating a work environment that is supportive for associates of all backgrounds and their families. The company understands the demands on working mothers and offers the flexibility and benefits that allow them to be productive and advance in their careers while balancing their other obligations.”

Congratulations, Kathy Ross! And while we’re at it, let’s celebrate all working moms and the companies who are making strides to support them.

For information about ADP’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, learn more here. The 100 Best Companies are featured in the October/November issue of Working Mother and on

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