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Why should we celebrate National Payroll Week?

npw featured imageSeptember 7-11 is National Payroll Week, a special occasion that every employed American should acknowledge – from teenagers starting their first job to adults who have worked decades and are still at it.

The American Payroll Association annually designates National Payroll Week to coincide with the celebration of Labor Day. It is their way to honor payroll professionals who are committed to making sure that pay day arrives week after week, month after month, and helping ensure that payroll is accurate and in compliance with complex tax and withholding requirements, but often without much recognition.

It is the commitment of these payroll professionals—whether they process payroll in-house or rely on a partner like ADP®—that deserves a sincere “thank you” from companies like ours and from each of the approximately 150 million total workers employed in the United States today.

ADP® is again the Diamond Sponsor of National Payroll Week, and as President of our Small Business Services division, I’d like to make a special call out to the critical role America’s small businesses – and their payrolls – play in the health of our nation’s economy.

Did you know? Small businesses employ more than 50 million U.S. workers

To help mark the 2015 National Payroll Week, we compiled data from our monthly Small Business Report series into a new infographic, and I’d like to share the following points from it:

  • For the first time in recent years, employment growth in the small business segment is leading the market.
  • Over the most recent 12-month period, the small business segment accounted for the largest percentage of overall employment growth.

national payroll week

With numbers like these, it’s easy to see why small businesses should be cheering the loudest during National Payroll Week. Their payroll pros have been the busiest because they’ve been hiring the most!

Please join me and say ‘thank you’ to your payroll professional this week. They give us confidence that our hard-earned income will be delivered when and how it was promised. And that helps us enjoy and take care of ourselves, our families, and our friends. Truly a feat to be celebrated.

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