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Celebrating National Payroll Week

As we return to work after celebrating Labor Day, it’s also a time to celebrate our paychecks and the people behind them.

Did you know…

On behalf of their companies, payroll professionals contribute, collect, report, and deposit nearly $2 trillion annually, nearly 69% of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury.

This week, September 7-11, we celebrate National Payroll Week (NPW). Founded by the American Payroll Association, it’s NPW’s 20th anniversary.

At ADP, we are enthusiastic ongoing sponsors of NPW with a goal to raise awareness for our industry, while helping America’s workers maximize income through strategic management of their paychecks, withholdings, and deductions.

Our paychecks are vital to our lives. It helps us pay for our homes, food, and clothing. We often look forward to our paychecks, yet we overlook the dedicated payroll professionals behind them. This week, let’s show our payroll departments how valued and important their work is to the overall well-being of the organization.

Across the world, payroll plays a vital function in human resources. This is why payroll innovation is a key element in ADP’s human capital management development efforts, which are designed to both streamline and enhance processes for workers and managers. Giving employees new abilities to access their pay statements and modify pay-affecting records, such as W-4 withholding and benefits deductions, can improve productivity and employee engagement.

We’re grateful for the hard work of the payroll professionals who have partnered with us over the years in the evolution of the art and science of payroll. If you are a payroll professional, give yourself a pat on the back this week. And please know that ADP celebrates you every week.

Learn more about NPW, celebrate with us via social media, and participate in contests by visiting


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  1. Hello Dermot:
    Thank you for highlighting ADP’s continued support of the American Payroll Association and specifically, the 20th Anniversary of National Payroll Week (NPW)! I am proud to have represented our organization by attending APA-NPW celebrations here in Northern California.

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