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Ask an App – MakeShift by AppColony

What’s hAPPening in innovation? Our “Ask an App” blog series introduces you to inventive apps that are changing how a variety of workforce management tasks are managed by employers and employees. These apps are offered by ADP partner companies, featured in ADP Marketplace.

makeshift box 2Tell us about your company and what solutions you are offering on ADP Marketplace.

We’re MakeShift—a scheduling and communication solution for businesses that use shift workers. MakeShift clients can easily build schedules online, while their employees can use our iOS/Android app to manage their schedule, clock in, set their availability, trade shifts, and more. We also offer MakeShift Live, a separate app to help managers stay on top of things.

MakeShift is available in a few flavors offering a range of options and features, from basic scheduling and communication to automatic timesheets and payroll export. We’re constantly enhancing the product based on user feedback and we offer all new clients a free two-week trial so they can see just how easy it really is to use.

What makes your customers love you?

MakeShift is designed so that the more you use it, the more you get out of it. Our customers usually fall in love with our product after a week or two, once they’ve had time to build a full schedule and their employees have started using it. After that first couple of weeks, managers can see how much time they are saving creating schedules and finding employees to fills shifts. Meanwhile, the employees start to feel more informed and in control of their work life.

What about ADP Marketplace made you interested in joining?

Being part of ADP Marketplace has two real advantages. The first is obvious: access to more customers. We also see these as smarter customers, people who understand the value of good HR solutions for their businesses and show a willingness to try new technologies. Second is the ADP approval. By including MakeShift, you’ve decided it’s a useful app to share with your customers. We appreciate that.

What are the top 3 things you want your customers to know about your solution on ADP Marketplace?

  1. MakeShift helps you schedule smarter. Both managers and employees are more informed, meaning scheduling is more efficient and effective. And advanced features, including MakeShift Live, clocking in/out and more, make life easier for everyone.
  2. MakeShift helps you fill shifts faster. The primary thing MakeShift was designed to do is help keep the schedule filled. Managers can send out available shifts for employees to request and staff can let managers know when they are free to pick up more work. All the time you used to spend trying to track down people to work can now be spent on other things.
  3. MakeShift helps improve work/life balance. Yes, MakeShift is great for businesses, but we also built it for employees. The app gives them access to an always up-to-date schedule, they can request shifts, exchange them with co-workers, ask for time off and more. Happier employees means less turnover and a healthier work environment.

ADP Marketplace helps you manage a workforce with business apps that integrate ADP data. Easily manage your entire suite of products through a secure central hub on ADP Marketplace. Visit the ADP Marketplace and watch our ADP Marketplace video to learn more about solutions for your workforce management. App Developers, learn how your app can become a partner with ADP.


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